The most effective and proven ways to instill the reading habits in children


If you want a true friend in your life, develop the reading habits.

Sarbani Das

Reading is my hobby, my passion!

When I was in school, my teachers always used to appreciate my confident and fluent reading skills. I remember, when I was in grade 4, I used to wair for Tuesdays because of the library period. That was my favorite period. We all used to sit on the floor and enjoy our read-aloud session with our teacher.  After the session, we could borrow our books from the school library. Those were the days when I used to love reading different storybooks and that was my favorite pass time activity.

Me and my Reading Habits now.

But now, believe me, with a toddler at home, I rarely get any free time. But reading is my retreat, my comfort. So, every day I take out at least 30 minutes from my busy schedule to read. Reading helps me to relax; it is a stress buster for me and makes me feel free.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Dr. Seuss

Why we should develop reading habits in children?

Do you know that reading can help children to learn sounds, words, and language? It develops early literacy skills. Through reading, they realize the value of books and stories. The key to encourage reading in kids is reading with them at home from a young age.

So, if you want your child to become a successful reader, please follow the below-mentioned tips. They are highly effective. Many of these activities I do to facilitate the reading habits in my students as well as my daughter. 

Hunting for treasure.

In this digital world, to keep toddlers away from the screen, we must make things interesting. You believe it or not, playing games is one of the most effective ways to teach children any new concepts. Most of the children love playing treasure hunt and this is an extremely popular game to instill reading habits. As in this game, children must read some riddles and solve the mystery to find the treasure. Most importantly, they slowly start discovering the magic of reading.

Some tips.

  • Please make sure you are hiding something as the treasure that your child loves (maybe a toy that he has been asking for many days or chocolate or a picture book).
  • Try to hide different types of treasures.
  • Write catchy clues.
  • It is better if your child can read at least 1 or 2 sentences on his own.
  • To make it more interesting, you can dress them up as pirates.
  • To motivate your little munchkin, you can also play the game with him.

Read the word.

This game is ideal for kids who can read a few words. I have done this activity many times with my students. I make some word flashcards and encourage my students to read them. If you are not able to make the flashcards, show the words digitally. As they read the words successfully appreciate them. If your kiddo is not able to read the word but is trying hard, please praise him for his effort.

Do you want to make it more interesting for your little reader?

Have a reward system. For example, keep some star or flower sticker handy. As he reads 5 words give them a star or if they can read 10 words give them a big flower sticker. Believe me, this will boost his energy like anything.

Some tips.

  • To make the game more interactive, you can ask some simple questions like “how many letters you can see in the word?” or “how many vowels you can spot in the word?” This type of interactive game will encourage your child to use his thinking skills before answering your questions.
  • The words should be age-appropriate.
  • Encourage them to use phonics to read the words correctly.

Are you willing to know what is Phonics?

Hold on a few more days please, I will talk about that in my next post.

Guided reading.

Guided reading is a more structured and objective oriented reading activity which you can do with your toddlers.

Do you want to know how to do Guided Reading with kids?

Please visit my post on Guided Reading here.

Now as you know what Guided Reading is, I am sure your next question would be from where to buy level-wise books for guided reading?

Relax! You can visit here to buy level-wise books for your toddler.  

Bedtime storytelling.

I do this every day with my daughter and it is one of my most favorite activities I do with her.

Reading some bedtime stories or rhyme encourages their love for reading. You can make this activity more interactive by asking some simple questions from the story. These short and simple conversations will inspire your child to become a successful reader in the future.

Library Visits.

After my school library, I can remember the small local library where I used to go at least once a week. That was one of my favorite places and I can not ignore the role of both the libraries in developing the reading habits in me.

If you want your child to develop a love for reading, take him to the nearby library and let him explore the place. From the library visits, you will also get to know which genre or author he likes to read. Moreover, going to the library together and letting him select a book can be a fun adventure. Some libraries also offer some storytime and reading activities for young children. Taking part in these sessions is a great way to inculcate reading habit.

Be a role model.

According to me, this is the most important of the lot. Children learn the best by observing their parents. So, if your child sees you reading books in your free time instead of spending time on a digital platform, slowly gradually he will also pick up the habit. To inspire their reading, you can have DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time with your toddler and this can happen in school also.

These are some of the simple activities I guess every parent can do to inculcate the reading habits in their little ones.

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Share ideas, spread love 💖

Sarbani D.

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