What If I Wake up like a Beautiful Little Bird Tomorrow?

a beautiful little bird

Yes, I always wanted to be a bird; a cute little bird, so that I can fly in the open sky spreading my wings and enjoy the cool air. I still remember, in my childhood days, whenever someone asked me what I would like to become once I grow up, without understanding the meaning of the question, I happily used to say ‘A bird’. Even today, every time I see a flying bird in the sky, in my unconscious mind, I too become a bird and start flying.

Why do I want to become a little bird?

As a child, I wanted to become a bird simply because they can fly anywhere; whenever they wish. They don’t have to ask for permission from their parents or teachers not even bothering about the time and means. From morning till evening they can fly wherever they want. I always used to think that it would be so much fun if I can fly to school or my classes. No traffic jams or queue can stop me and I would reach everywhere before my friends.

Up in the sky, there are no boundaries, no fear, and no restrictions for birds. There are no officials to ask me for my passport or visa. I can cross any border and can go to any country to make the whole world my home.

What will happen if I become a bird now?

If I become a bird now, I think I would feel like the king of this world. As now we all are stuck in our houses because of COVID 19 situation, a pair of wings will let me go out, meet my friends and relatives. I have not met them for a long time now. It will give me immense pleasure and break the monotony of the situation.

The big change I will experience is my body parts. I will be having two wings instead of hands. Initially, I am sure I will face some problems adjusting with my new wings. But once I get adjusted with them, they will give me the freedom to fly high up in the sky.

Coping up with the new changes.

But as I will not have my hands, I will not be able to hold anything or eat with my hands. I have to eat with my beak and use my wings in place of my hands as much as possible. In this situation, I think I would like to retain both my hands and wings so that I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Me and my family
Me with my family.

In this new avatar, there will be a lot of other changes as well. For example, my food habits will change, my daily routine and my ways of communication will also change. Then instead of talking, I would be chirping; and unlike the real me, I will be an early riser and will sing some melodious songs like the nightingale. I am sure there will be some Keats or Shelly, who will find some time to compose poems about me. Oh! Can you imagine how happy I would be then? But, while I will be flying high up in the sky and enjoying the ultimate freedom, I will certainly miss my family down here. So, it would be wonderful if my family members also become birds and join me in the sky. Oh my God! It will surely be a dream come true moment for me.

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Sarbani D.

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