Visible Thinking – The art of Making Thinking Visible

Teachers are lifelong learners; so am I. I always keep on exploring and learning different new concepts and approaches to make the teaching learning process more effective for me as well as my students. Today, I am not ashamed to accept that long back when I started my teaching career, I was not the way I am today. Back then, I did not have much understanding about many things related to teaching. And one of them, I must admit, is Visible Thinking. But now, I am in a much comfortable situation; thanks to the helpful attitude of my colleagues and numerous PD sessions I have had attended.

So, what is Visible Thinking?

According to the Project Zero, Visible thinking is a flexible and systematic research based conceptual framework which aims to integrate the development of students thinking with content learning across subject matters.

Visible thinking began as an initiative to develop a research-based approach to teaching thinking dispositions.

Making Thinking Visible in Classroom

The best way of implementing Visible Thinking in classroom is using different thinking routines to guide children’s thought processes and apply that in cross curricular activities. This concept brings together a series of techniques that make the classroom content learning experience more engaging and improve children’s intellectual progress. On successful implementation of this approach, students feel more interested in taking their learning forward and they gain a better understanding of different topics.

Objectives of using visible thinking in classroom.

The major goals of adopting Visible Thinking are

  • Helping students to understand concepts more clearly and deeply
  • Motivating students for a better learning
  • Enhancing their thinking and learning abilities and encouraging them to connect their learning in cross curricular activities
  • Develop a positive attitude towards learning and thinking creatively
  • Creating a conducive environment where students are enthusiastically engaged in thinking and learning new things.

How does it work?

Visible Thinking

Whenever I plan to use visible thinking in my classroom, irrespective of the topic, I set different learning stations with all the necessary resources to help my students explore the topic by themselves. Here, the teacher’s role should be of a facilitator who will ask guiding questions and observe students’ engagement in exploring the resources. As I observe them, I make the necessary anecdotes also. You may see students using their thinking skills and explaining things creatively to each other or brainstorming on alternative interpretations or debating upon a plan of action. All these will help children to support each other and taking their enquiry further. I use this approach with my students quite frequently, in fact, it is a part of my classroom culture and embedded in my teaching methodologies.

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