Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring

A few days back, I saw my little munchkin watching a nursery rhyme on sharing and from that she picked up some phrases like sharing is caring, sharing is fun, and be kind to everyone. While she keeps on uttering the phrases these days, it struck my thought that yeah sharing is caring in true sense. I realised that whenever we share anything with our friends (or some time with enemies) it gives us immense pleasure. Isn’t it? But you know, I have never thought about it like this before; what magic is there in sharing that it makes us truly happy and how does it connote to caring.

Sharing means win-win

Friends, would you agree with me if I say that besides giving us immense pleasure, sharing teaches us the importance of taking care of others? We share many things like we share a smile, we share stories, secrets, space, ideas, thoughts, memories, happiness, sadness, news ( happy and sad both), our experience ( negative and positive both), knowledge, relationship; we share books, dress, makeup items, beauty tips (at least I share), food or even a recipe. We share the natural resources we share the whole planet. But most of the time we don’t even realize that we are sharing as it does not always have to be done grandly or to be appreciated. It can be as simple as just giving a compliment to someone. For example, yesterday I appreciated my neighbour saying, “You are looking very pretty”, and this simple act of sharing a compliment made her feel special and cared for and in turn, seeing her happy I became happier. So, I believe sharing is caring and isn’t it a win-win?

Sharing creates a relationship

If you ask me, sharing helps me to trust people and trust is essential for our wellbeing and happiness. If I am sharing something with someone this shows that I trust that person right! Whenever I share my feelings, knowledge or possessions with others, I kind of create a relationship of trust with that person and in most of the cases, that flows back and helps me feel secure and happy.

My story of sharing

I remember, in my childhood days, whenever my mother used to cook some delicious dishes, she used to share that with our neighbours. On asking, always she used to say, “We share things with them because we care for them”. Frankly speaking, I never understood the concept then, instead, I used to feel angry thinking that as she was giving away some portions of the food, we will get less. But now I understand that there is some magic in sharing.

What I understood

So, here I share my current understanding about Sharing is Caring; it is not just a common phrase, it has a hidden meaning. Whenever we share something with others, we come out of all the boundaries of ego and realize that humanity is the best virtue on this planet. It creates interdependence, happiness and harmony. In this world with limited resources, sharing is caring and is the way forward.

Tough? 🤔Really it is. Ok don’t worry about my understanding, instead please 🙏✍️ share your story of sharing that made you happy …😊😊.

Share ideas, spread love 💖

Sarbani D.

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  1. Sweta

    Views are different so that humans are…Having a positivity in you makes stuffs easier to deal with…nice to read !!😊

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