5 best picture books every pre-schooler should read

5 best picture books every pre-schooler should read

I always believe developing reading and comprehension skills in children is very important (why? Please read my previous blog post here) which should start from their young age. Being a mother of a pre-schooler, I want my baby dinosaur (nowadays she likes to be addressed like this 😊) to develop these crucial skills. So, whenever possible, I try to do some reading activities, like picture reading or finding a letter or an animal in the books, with her. Though making her sit with some activities is a task altogether.

But according to my observation, she likes books that have colourful and funny illustrations or repeated patterns or rhyming words. So I always try to pick or order books keeping those criteria in mind. As sharing is caring, I thought to bring together my top books for a pre-schooler to read.

Picture books for pre-schooler

my little pre-schooler with her book

Eating the alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z by Louis Ehlert.

My kiddo loves this book as it has big and colourful illustrations. I find this book perfect to teach her uppercase and lowercase letters with fruits and vegetables from around the world. Moreover, there is a glossary at the end of the book that provides interesting facts about each food, many of I also did not know.

Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming.

This book is quite funny as a little mouse is working hard to construct each letter of the alphabet. He airbrushes the A, buttons the B, carves the C, dyes the D, erases the E and folds the F. The mouse works his way right through to Z, constructing an alphabet that surpasses even the wildest artistic imagination. After seeing the mouse at work, my little kiddo started saying “Baby mouse is busy” whenever she is doing something mischievous.

Chika Chika Boom Boom by Bill Martin.

This is her favourite bedtime storybook. The rhythmic chant and the exuberant illustrations have made this book a popular read-aloud among kids. The title itself is very catchy and she keeps on chanting it (sometimes whole day).

Animalia by Graeme Base.

My baby dinosaur loves this book mainly because of its fanciful, gorgeous, and detailed illustrations. It is an alphabet book, guessing game and a virtual feast for those curious eyes. Each page contains one letter and images related to that letter. There is also a hidden picture of Graeme Base as a child. This amazingly fantastic world satisfies her curiosity and makes her happy.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Book by Laura Numeroff.

My baby adores this book as this one features a hungry little mouse and what happens when he is given a cookie. The funny colourful illustrations are catchy, and she loves the way the mouse is being dressed in the book. She wants to dress like that mouse.

I am sure you will agree with me that reading with preschoolers can be one of life’s greatest joy – if the book is right. So, instead of reading the same tedious stuff at every bedtime, try these titles with your children. It is always a treat to snuggle down with a small person and an engaging text with some beautiful illustrations.

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Sarbani D.

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