Swargadwar Beach – Your gateway to heaven in Puri

What! Puri? Where is it? It is a renowned tourist spot in the state of Odisha in Eastern India which is famous for its Swargadwar beach and Lord Jagannath Temple.

Swargadwar Beach
Swargadwar Beach after sunset

I love travelling, it is priceless and gives me immense satisfaction. And this satisfaction becomes an excitement whenever I go to Puri. I went Puri in last December and most probably that was my 5th visit to the city. But, each time, I feel the same enthusiasm in the name of going to Puri. One of the main attraction of Puri is  Swargadwar beach. This is one of the most beautiful of all the sea beaches in Puri. Every city has a place that truly summarizes its soul and Swargadwar Beach is the soul of Puri that always pulsates with verve and liveliness.

The religious value of the famous Swargadwar Beach

Swargadwar, as the name suggests, is the cremation ground of Hindus. ‘Swarga’ means heaven and ‘dwar’ means gate. In that way, the literal meaning of the name Swargadwar is the ‘Gateway to Heaven’. Puri is a famous pilgrimage site with strong spiritual values. Many people believe that taking a deep in the water of this beach will help them to attain redemption. So, Puri is always brimmed with pilgrims who come here to get Moksha.

The entertainment factor of Swargadwar Beach

The beach is not only jam-packed with tourists but also with so many other things for them to indulge in. This is one of the best places in Puri for shopping. You can explore the stalls here selling beautiful local handmade products, seashells, and fashion knick-knacks. In fact, you can visit the grand shops sailing traditional fabrics like Samabalpuri Ikkat, Bomkai Silk, Berhampur Silk and many more.  

If you are an early riser, go to the beach, walk on the wet sand with barefoot and enjoy the magnificent beauty of the beach. If you are lucky enough, you can also relish the sunrise and sunset here. Playing with the waves and enjoying the strong currents of the Bay of Bengal should be one of the musts of your Puri visit. But please be careful and don’t go deep into the sea.

Food factory

I am a proud foodie so for me delve into the roadside food stalls was a must. Believe me or not, they sell insanely tasty seafood though not sure about the wholesomeness and hygienic aspect of those foods. But make sure to try at least some of the Oriya dishes like Chakuli pitha (rice flour and lentil flatbread), alu torkari (spicy potato curry) and ‘bara ghugni’ (spicy black gram and chickpea curry) there.

Famous ‘Jibe Goja’

Kakatua is a famous sweet shop at Swargadwar who sells the lip-smacking dessert called ‘ Jibe Goja’, a famous sweet in Puri. Though you can find almost every stall along the road to the beach selling ‘Jibe Goja’. It is a deep-fried sweet and it has a shelf life at least a few days so can be carried back home. Apart from this, at the beach, you will find local sweet sellers selling Oriya famous desert ‘Chhena poda’ (roasted cheese). Don’t miss this absolute delight.

Evenings at the Swargadwar

Swargadwar Beach becomes a carnival ground in the evenings with lots of shops and hawkers selling locally made items. Seashell jewellery or fabric bags with beautiful hand embroidery can be the best options as souvenirs.

The place is crowded, I do agree, but you can feel symphony in the crowd. The beach and its surroundings are ideal for a weekend gateway in Odisha. So, my suggestion is, plan your next weekend trip to Puri and enjoy the energy and vivacity of the city.

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Sarbani D.

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  1. bapun80

    I liked it more when you go a little bit towards the light house. It becomes less crowdy and you can take a stroll in the beach without getting bumped to somebody else.

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