Functional Play – what is that🤔? Read on to find out

Functional Play starts as little ones start moving

If you have a toddler at home, I am sure you would agree with me that most of the time kids love playing with everyday utility items even after having many toys. My baby dinosaur (nowadays she calls herself like this) will play for hours with a simple cardboard box or kitchen items or empty water bottles. She loves banging and playing with steel utensils, scribbling on a paper, or wearing mamma dinosaur’s (please don’t get scared, according to her we are a harmless dinosaur family 😜) dress. When I shared my baby dinosaur’s choice of things to play with, in the new mommy group, everybody had almost the same story to share. So, I understand small kids love to play with the most commonplace items, throwing them around or banging them around. It seems this is called functional play.

My baby dinosaur playing with cardboard box

But as adults, we would wonder what on earth is so fascinating about those objects that the child enjoys so much playing with them. As a mother ( and definitely as a teacher) I was so curious to understand why, despite having so many toys, they always love to play with those real objects. So, I put on my researcher’s glasses and found out many interesting things. Sharing is caring…

So, sharing my findings briefly with you:

functional play
My creative baby dinosaur
  • This play stage is called functional play. This is considered as ‘first play’ of a small child and normally starts during infancy and continuous till 2 years.
  • Despite being repetitive, these are the fun ways through which kids start exploring the world around them.
  • These activities help them develop their fine and gross motor skills.
  • They start learning to identify and classify objects depending on certain physical characteristics like shape or color.
  • Functional play helps children build their hand-eye coordination.
  • The throwing and banging things or utensils (baby dinosaur’s favorite activity) help them to understand the concept of cause and effect.
  • I believe, these activities play an important role in children’s cognitive development as I have observed in my baby dinosaur.

Hello parents, please don’t disturb your kids if they are playing with a pillow cover or empty water bottle or your favorite 💄. Think positive and help them have fun and learn.

Share ideas, spread love 💖

Sarbani D.

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